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OPEC Process

The 4-step OPEC process was created with the main goal of laying a solid foundation and focused on improving the efficiency of each aspect of your company. 

Glass Building

Organizational Assessment

The first step begins with us getting to know you better. Information is gathered through three different means: online research, on-the-grounds inspection and employee interviews. Besides for providing you with a comprehensive overview of your business, the data will also enable us to understand the situation and strategize accordingly.

Process Re-Engineering

This step is targeted specifically at reviewing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and established audit standards, if any. It's crucial for everybody in the company to fully recognize their role and the responsibilities they have to fulfill. The audit checklist will clearly detail and explain inspection standards, ensuring everybody understands what the expected standards are.

Tools on a desk
Glass Buildings

Employee Motivation

Employee morale plays an important part in determining the success of any business. In the previous step, the explicitly stated performance expectations and audit checklists will partner up with customized employee motivation plans. Eligibility for performance related bonuses and employee incentives will appear clearer than before, presenting a goal for employees to work towards. Criteria for promotion will also greatly influence their work ethics. 


Contingency Measures

The year of 2020 is evidence enough that a company needs to have back-up plans to deal with unforeseen emergencies. We'll work in tandem with you to create practical contingency plans that cover a wide scope of emergencies and how to react in each situation. 

Business Meeting


Besides for consultation, we offer many other services to meet your needs. Some of these services like Mystery Shopper and financial analysis are also included in the OPEC process

Mystery Shopper

Mystery shoppers are a common sight with many companies employing such services to determine their service quality and staff performance. There are a myriad of benefits, ranging from improving staff professionalism to identifying areas for improvement to being a key performance indicator for the business. We provide clients with comprehensive and neutral feedback in the form of a compiled report complete with analysis and recommendations. Subsequent follow-ups to ensure successful implementation and execution will be provided as well. 

Click here for a detailed explanation.

Friends in Restaurant
Mystery Shopper
Business Meeting

License Application & Brand Establishment

Applying for grants or license application can be a lengthy and complicated process for some unfamiliar with the procedure. We can help in applying for licenses like SFA Food Shop and manufacturing licenses along with liquor and import licenses. Grants-wise, the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) and Productivity Solution Grant (PSG) are two of the most relevant grants for businesses in the service sector which we can help with. We also provide trademark applications at a discounted price. 

We are also able to help you establish a F&B business from ground-up. Let us settle all the paperwork and other necessary procedures while you focus on the business itself!

Grants & License

IT Solutions

Having an online presence is crucial for companies in this day and age. We offer web building services for F&B businesses with an in-built online ordering system. We also offer an advanced POS system, Hualala. Hualala is suitable for large chain stores with its advanced inventory stock-take system and integrated Central Kitchen capabilities.

IT Solutions

Financial Consulting

Having an accrual-based accounting service is crucial for businesses to accurately determine their monthly revenue and profits, enabling profit sharing and further plans for development. This service entails GST filing, report generation and monthly consultation to cover data and provide insights like key cost areas and methods for cost reduction.

Financial Services


We are well-versed in both traditional and digital advertising across both Chinese and English media platforms. Be it WeChat, Ctrip, MeiTuan-DianPing, Facebook or Instagram, we'll be able to come up with an advertising plan suitable for you and your target audience. We are also one of Ctrip's official partners!


Field Study Trips

We believe that knowledge is power. Having a better understanding of how the F&B industry is like across the world will only help generate ideas and improve your business. We provide many opportunities every year for field study trips to local and overseas destinations.

Click here to view the video!

Field Study Trip
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