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Your employees are your greatest assets.

One of the easiest and most clear cut way to improve your business is through your employees' performance. Furthermore, it requires little investment and directly affects customer satisfaction. However, without the proper system in place, this level of employee motivation could be hard to achieve.

Customer Satisfaction Restaurants

We help businesses implement an Employee Motivation System that prioritizes customer satisfaction.

Companies from every industry struggle to get the best out of their employees and keep them motivated. This is even more important in the F&B industry as the front-line staff interact with the customers daily and can directly affect the quality of customer experience.

Besides for encouraging employees to take ownership and maintain peak performance, this system also creates a cycle that allows talented and responsible individuals to shine, essentially pushing candidates for promotion into the spotlight.

Employee Motivation

By implementing this system, transparency is added into the company culture and encourages employees to take ownership and maintain peak performance. We believe only with the establishment of an Employee Motivation system will training be truly effective.


Tan Ser Seng Herbal Soup


  1. Service levels provided by staff are mediocre

  2. Hiring & retention of employees

  3. Difficulty in grooming capable outlet managers 

Did you know that these pain points are actually quite common among F&B businesses? How do we get the best out of our employees on a daily basis and in the long run, retain them? 


With the implementation of our Employee Motivation system based on transparency & performance-based incentives, employees showed a significant improvement in terms of attitude and service levels. These incentives also made hiring and retention of staff much easier. Furthermore, employees who show the aptitude and potential to manage can be identified effortlessly through our system. 

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