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Mystery Shopper

Why is it important?

Tailored Audit Plan

Tailored Audit Plan

According to the specifications outlined in the initial meeting, we'll come up with a customized audit list for our mystery shoppers

Every business is different with their own unique selling points and range of products. We ensure that the audit checklist our mystery shoppers are going to fill in is an exclusive reflection of your business. We will sit down with you and go over critical points before editing the auditing form to suit your needs and address your main concerns. The audit list will cover major areas like service quality, food standards and environment among others. At this juncture, you have the flexibility to inform us about the location and number of outlets you would like to have the mystery shoppers pay a visit to as well as the frequency of visits. We typically encourage clients to do it every one or two months. 

With the audit checklist completed, the next step will be the actual visitation. The mystery shoppers who are handpicked and trained personally by us according to every client's needs will then proceed to visit the specified outlets. Depending on the product, we will vary the number of shoppers. For example, in the F&B scene, we will typically only deploy one mystery shopper to a fast food joint due to the nature of the service and food. A buffet or an expansive multiple-course meal at a formal dining restaurant will require more people to accurately evaluate due to difference in preference, taste and viewpoints among mystery shoppers. Once the checklist is filled in, they’ll then be submitted to us for proof-reading and editing. 

Mystery Diner Visitation


Mystery shopper(s) will proceed to patronize the identified outlet(s) according to the audit form.

Audit List Review

Report Review

The information acquired will be compiled into a report on our end, along with initial suggestions and recommendations. 

On our end, we’ll conduct a quality check by sorting through the reports and filtering out relevant information for our clients. If there are any cases of incomplete or missing information, we will also follow up with the mystery shoppers to piece it together. We only believe in providing our clients with service of the highest quality. This is a long and tedious process which is the main reason most businesses prefer to contract external vendors to act as the middleman. Subsequently, the data will be compiled into a report and simple slides for presentation.

The report will cover all the points brought up by the mystery shoppers as well as recommendations by us to rectify any issues. This will be discussed with you to generate solutions to be implemented over the next couple of months. The subsequent mystery shopper visitations will have their audit checklist modified to include these new implementations so we can monitor the degree of success and any new problems that might arise. The cycle will then repeat itself, with new solutions being implemented to address identified issues and the subsequent visitations to determine the success of it. This is highly effective and will eventually eliminate any problems and improve your business to the next level in all aspects.



Follow-ups are crucial in monitoring progress. This is the last step of the cycle which will link back to the first step, creating a sustainable cycle of success.

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